Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top Highest Paid Women in Fitness - Think I could make the list some day?

Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted and I have BIG FAT MASSIVE NEWS FOR YOU! I announced first and foremost on my facebook and twitter yesterday that I AM NOW OFFICIALLY A SPONSORED WEIDER NUTRITION ATHLETE!!  The Weider Team spotted me when I competed a couple months ago in the IFBB Cyprus Competition in the Bikini Fitness Category. After they did some research on me, met met up close, they made the genius decision to put me on the team;) I am ready to wear the Weider Logo proud and have an awesome team backing me up! 

This update in my life inspired me to do a little research on some of the leading women in the fitness industry. I did my research and came up with this sexy and successful list of boss bitches in the industry! Enjoy!

As a fitness model, and athlete, I like to see what other women in the fitness industry are doing to make their passion into a high money making career. These women in fitness have branded themselves as the faces and bodies of the industry and have sky rocketing careers all based around their influence on motivating others with their hard worked bodies, and inspirational stories and personalities. Writing books, filming DVD’s, running online motivational and personal training websites, creating workout apparel, selling fitness equipment, the opportunities are endless for women in this industry. Many beautiful fitness models just use the gym and their bodies for their own personal satisfaction, and don’t push it as a career, but these ladies I am writing about now have maximized exposure in the industry and work extremely hard not only on their bodies but their Fitness Empires as well. I hope one day I can make this list and be able to motivate more women WORLDWIDE :)
#1 Alicia Marie
This self proclaimed "Fitness Nerd and Booty Guru" gets the #1 spot on our highest paid women in fitness list. Alicia has written books such as "The Booty Bible" and co-created the "30 Day Butt-Lift" DVD. Alicia has been featured on over 30 magazine covers including 10 times on the cover of Oxygen Magazine. Supplement Company; BSN, got lucky to snag Alicia as one of their very own athletes and she's been representing the brand ever since.
#2 Jennifer Nicole Lee aka JNL
JNL is MY personal favourite Fitness Model and HUGE inspiration to women worldwide. Using her own amazing body transformation from a chubby Italian mama to a sizzling sexy fitness 'supermodel' she inspires women thousands of women on a weight-loss mission! Jennifer has her own brand of EVERYTHING, she made it big by selling a record winning amount of her 'ab circle pro' in record time! Books, DVD's, workout equipment, clothing line. Responsible for creating the quote's 'Strong is the New Skinny" and "Kiss my abs!" this fitness guru really knows how to inspire!
 #3 Jamie Eason
This former NFL cheerleader is now known as one of the most 'marketable' women in fitness, my hat goes off to Jamie Eason's success in the industry! The interesting thing about Jamie Eason is that she never competed, and doesn't have a 'Pro Card' which are usually the baby steps toward success in this industry. Jamie's likeable personality, and easy going swagger is what made her one of the main faces of the largest body-building and supplementation website in the world; Not only is she a pretty face, with a killer bod, but Jamie works as a writer for the website sharing her knowledge and experience to help others reach their goals. As if being a writer for isn't enough, Jamie is also a Fitness and Health columnist for Oxygen Magazine.
 #4 Ava Cowan
Gaspari Nutrition's very own Ava Cowan is internationally known for her fit figure and beaming smile. Working full-time as a Fitness Consultant, Ava stays on her grind catering to her clients. On her website alone she sells fitness programs, DVD's, fitness clothing, and even Figure competition suits for the stage! Ava's been at it since 2005 gracing more that 25 fitness covers.
 #5 Natalia Muntean
Born in the Ukraine and raised all over Eastern Europe, Natalia finally ended up in the United States at the age of 21. Working as a fashion model, Natalia switched to fitness in 2007 - great move! Today she is swarmed with endorsement contracts, and to top off her success the supplement brand 'Muscle Pharm' signed Natalia to be the face and body of their brand, which makes her the most endorsed fitness girls in the biz. It doesn't stop there. Natalia is a published writer and writes for several fitness mags. She is also the author of her very own book “Butt and Thighs Training Manual for Every Woman”.
#6 Kim Dolan Leto
In her own words, Kim Dolan Leto is proof that "fitness is ageless". Over 40 and looking sexy as ever, Kim Dolan Leto is a published fitness model recognized internationally. Kim has worked her way up in the business as an amazing athlete and champion. Kim is one of my personal inspirations because of her no excuses attitude and the fact that she is an amazing motivational speaker. With kids and a husband, nothing gets in her way when it comes to staying in mint condition. On top of all this beautiful success, Kim is also the director of family health and wellness for the international sports science association, ISSA. As a writer for Oxygen magazines blog 'Yummy Mommy Fitness', mothers everywhere follow Kim for her advice and motivation.Kim is one of my idols, and I hope to be in her shape at her age! No excuses!
#7 Marzia Prince
Known as the 'eco trainer', this 30 year old IFBB Pro Marzia Prince, is much more than just a celebrity trainer and fitness model. Gaspari picked up the Hispanic beauty as their athlete and she has gone full force in less than 4 years as one of the most sought after fitness girls in the industry. Earning her certifications in bio-mechanics of resistance training, general physical fitness, dietary guidance, pre and post-natal fitness, it's no wonder Marzia has her own personal training gym!
#8 Mindi Smith
Living by the motto "find your stride" it's clear to us that this fit chick has found hers! Working not only as a personal training, but also a motivational speaker, Mindi lives and breathes this industry all the way to the bank! With a 24 inch waist and perfect proportions this New Yorker has earned her titles! A few titles include: 2009 NPC Nationals, 2013 IFBB Phoenix Pro, and 2010 IFBB Figure International. Mindi earned her Pro Card after only her second NPC show making her one of the fastest rising stars in IFBB history. Gracing numerous magazines such as Oxygen, and Muscle & Fitness to name a few she has also been apart of Fitness DVD's, and even an Axe Body Spray Commercial! She even had a cameo in the TV show 'Entourage'. After 15 years in the industry we hope there's lots more Mini to come!
#9 Kiana Tom
Kiana shares something in common with fellow list-maker Jamie Eason - she started out as an NFL cheerleader too! One of the few famous Hawaiian Fitness Models, her exotic look may be one of the reasons she has come so far in business. Kiana is a true business woman,. Having her own show on ESPN called "Kiana's Flex Appeal", followed by 2 other shows due to the success, it's a wonder how she has time to be a wife, and author also!
#10 Jelena Abbou
This Serbian IFBB Pro Figure Athlete moved to America at 20 years old. Working in the industry as a personal trainer and model Jelena is a real go-getter, after placing 5th in NPC show she sent her photos to different fitness magazines and modelling agencies and waited for her call. Since then she's been riding the wave of success as our number 10 most successful women in the fitness industry!
Stephanie Costas Ataliotis
Think I could make the cut in a couple years? Hard work and consistency and hopefully I'll reach my goal! So far so good. Since I got my first big sponsorship with Weider Nutrition this week I am feeling positive about my career in the fitness industry moving in the right direction. I am so excited to be able to represent such an awesome brand and have them back me up with my competitions, supplementation, and team support! I'm chasing my goals guys, I will never, ever stop. See you at the top;)

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