Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Benefits Of Laughter

This week My 76 year old grandfather passed away from Stomach Cancer. This blog post is dedicated to him. He is the only grandfather I ever knew, and we loved him very much. Grandad, you will be missed dearly, and never forgotten.
Live, Love, LAUGH!
When someone you care about passes it gets you thinking a lot about life. It can be taken from you at any second, so what are you doing with it? We may be caught in limbo many of our days trying to figure out the right direction to go in, struggling to pay bills, living lessons learned through trial and error, and so on. Laughter is something we must keep consistent throughout our days and life. I wrote this post to show you guys what exactly laughing can do for your mind body and soul, also what it can do for people around you :) I hope this inspires you to not hold back, to laugh, make laugh, and let laugh everyday, forever :)
This picture alone makes me laugh...
Ever heard of 'Laughter Yoga'?
It's a new craze that's sweeping the world for all its healing magic! It sounds and looks ridiculous...and that's exactly what it is! 15-20 minutes of Laughter Yoga makes you feel refreshed and helps you to inhale more oxygen!
It's proven by scientific studies that laughter helps you to unwind the negative effects of stress (it reduces the levels of stress hormones such as epinephrine aka adrenaline, cortisol, growth hormone, and dopamine AND INCREASES antibody producing cells and enhances the effectivenes of T cells. which brings me to my next point...a STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM)

Cracking up:)
Now to the physical and emotional part - not only is laughing proven to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, but it provides not only a physical, but emotional release. This is maybe one of the more obvious points about the benefits of laughing but it's extremely important to realize that you can experience a cleansed, refreshed, relief after a good laugh. This explains the saying "I have to laugh or else I will cry"...we have all been there! Laughter can also increase your immunity, and even heal pain.
AB WORKOUT! Not only does laughing work out your ABS, but it also works our your SHOULDERS! Yea that's what I'm talking about...laughing exercise your diaphragm and leaves your muscles feeling relaxed. Not to mention it's great exercise for your heart!
What laughing can do for people around you:
My little sister and I trying to 
hold it together for this photo!
Did you know that laughter is 1 of the main 24 signature strengths that one can possess? Laughter is contagious, the more you laugh, the more you help relieve the stress of those around you by making them laugh!
Did you know that if you are sad...but you smile, even if it's fake, that studies show it causes positive effects on you. The same works with fake laughter. Your body can't tell the difference between real or fake laughing or smiling, and you receive the same positive effects both ways! So go ahead, 'Fake it, till' you make it!'

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