Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Fitness Goals for 2011 - My tribute to the Gym

HELLO AGAIN! Sorry I have been MIA so long. I had to get everything organized in January for an awesome year. So here I am, and I will see you again soon! :)

This is going to be my first full year dedicated to training and reaching my ultimate body and fitness goals!
My progress so far has been awesome, and my commitment to the gym is stronger than ever! Some of you who have been following me on my "Steph Costas Beauty & Fitness Motivator" page on Facebook may had seen a status update I posted a little while back that read:
"Dear Gym, 
Our relationship has been the best I've had yet! You've never stood me up, you challenge me, you push me to my limits....and you know how to make me sweat;) You make me high on low days, and the best part of all is you only make me stronger!
Love forever,

I posted this one day when my single lifestyle had me questioning a lot of things. Being single now for almost 4 months has been so different for me in so many ways. My night/morning texts from my BF are no longer. Having a man for all my handyman needs around the house are also no longer. Besides the obvious companionship and love that's missing from my life, I noticed how I have changed. For the better.

I HATE to admit this but, I was Miss.Co-dependent. I needed a man for inspiration. I always needed a man to look good for and to make me feel good. Now I am proud to say I'm Miss. Independent when it comes to all of the above. 
Loving myself is so rewarding. In life we have so many things we are committed to. Work, family, friends. What about ourselves? The major commitment I made to myself is working out. Yes when I had a man, I trained in the gym (with him) and alot of my inspiration and motivation came from him. When it was over, it was an ultimate test for me. Was I in the the gym for him, or me? With out the motivation from someone else can I do this solely for MYSELF?
Now 4 months out of that relationship, my commitment to the gym is going strong, SOLO, and totally paying off for me both PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY. I suffered from extreme anxiety the past couple years and that is ALL GONE NOW. Not due to medication, therapy, or anything else. It is gone thanks to the Gym. The gym has done more for me than any man, any medication, and therapist, combined!
Now when my friends get together and are all complaining about their men, I know in the back of my mind, that Gym & I are going strong, and if I meet the right guy, at the right time, maybe he will be lucky enough to reap the benefits of my hard worked body, and everything I have to give on the inside - But right now. I am happily commited to myself, my body, and my journey to self improvement. 

My goals this year are:
1) Put on a little more muscle
2) Eat less Chocolate
3) Compete in a Figure Competition (I do not train to compete - but I think this is a little accomplishment I'd like to achieve for the books - also great motivation to train ever harder)

Okay so now I want you guys to meet Mason Bova my newest family member. He is 3.5 months old and the craziest, cutest little guy ever.
He has been the center of my attention since I got him and he loves to exercise just like his mommy!! We run together and go play at the doggy park every day! I hate running and I always say that I'd only run if I was being chased, but this little guy makes me run my ass off because if he doesn't run - I don't get to sleep! I will keep him as part of my blog from now on too, giving you updates and what not. I am a HUGE dog lover. I spent a whole year rehabilitating, and  medicating  abandoned and abused animals at the Sirius Dog Sanctuary in my place of birth, Cyprus. It's a huge passion of mine and I will forever do what I can to help animals. It is a goal of mine to open a non kill shelter in Cyprus eventually.

So anyway, time to cuddle Mase (that's what I call him for short) and relax a little bit. I hope you guys have made some little goals for the year, and at least one big one too. Remember that goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement!!!!! Get it doneeeeeeee!



  1. We loved having you on the show Stephanie. You were truly an inspiration. Make sure you come back soon to check up on Rob & Nil's progress. See you in the gym!

  2. Ecstatic you are back Stephanie. How we've missed your inspiring words. Great advice for young women. All you need is your-self and the rest will fall in to place. God bless! Looking forward to your entries in 2011. I'm off to 'Bang it out' at the Gym staying V.G.L !

  3. SUCH GREAT ADVICE!! Noone can love you like you love urself! mason is the CUTEST!! love u! :*

  4. love you steph! awesome blog... always love reading what you have to say! what a great pic of masen ;) lol!