Monday, December 06, 2010

ONE of my Secrets for the Gym - Jack3d

Nothing illegal, don't get excited.
I'll let you guys in on a little secret. But first of all let me make it clear that everything I take here is legal. This  supplement I take is JUST recently legal in Canada, but I have been training with it since I started (in the states), and it is magnificent. It is the only supplement that I take pre-workout and that isn't for recovery. It's called Jack3d, and it's created by USPLabs.

This is the stuff that all the giant beasts at LA Fitness from Boca to Miami are taking and I am sure it will blow up in Canada once more people have tried it. It's a pre-workout supplement that gives you energy, endurance, strength and CRAZY FOCUS in the gym.  Jack3d comes in powder form, and I just put 1 scoop (sometimes 1.5) in a half filled water bottle, shake it up, and pound it all at once 45 minutes before my workout. My preference is Lemon-lime flavor. I have tried all the flavors and to me this is the best one. Here are the flavors in order from best to worst in my opinion:
1) Lemon Lime (The red tub)
2) Grape Bubblegum (The purple tub)
3) Tropical Fruit Punch (The blue tub)

None of them taste GOOD, but I take the Lemon-Lime down like Lemon-aid on a sunny day! 

 The only way I can describe it is that it's similar to Adderall. If you don't know what Adderall is, it's an A.D.H.D (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) medication given to increase focus and concentration. It makes you focus on your workout and stay in the 'zone' as I call it (or tunnel vision). You know those few moments where you loose track of time in the gym because you are in the 'zone'? Well imagine that same feeling of dedication and concentration to every exercise for a full 2 hour workout of both cardio and weight training. I have tried other pre-workout supplements such as NO-Xplode, and 1MR (just to name a few of the more popular ones), but nothing compares to the tunnel vision you get with this stuff.
Personally, I found other pre-workout supplements gave me anxiety, and made me a bit shakey and jittery in the gym (and sometimes even after). Most people would assume it was because of the dosage I was taking in comparison to my size (since I am a pretty small person, and this is pretty powerful stuff). But I dosed properly, and still got those side effects. With Jack3d I have a hard, strong, focused, attentive and smooth workout and leave the gym relaxed. No jitters, no anxiety, no excessive nervous energy.

I turn everyone I train with onto this stuff, and I haven't had many complaints. But here are A couple things to watch out for: 

Make sure you start with a small dosage. I overdosed with MR1 once and almost had to go to the hospital. Big boys you may be laughing, but all 122.4 pounds of me was a complete wreck. I know the same can happen with Jack3d and anxiety. (I have anxiety issues to begin with)

Also I have heard of instances where it makes people need to poop. Legit. Like stat. So be careful the first time you take it, to see if your stomach agrees with it. Although Jack3d is actually known for being better on the stomach than most pre-workout supplements, it is still an issue for some. Not fun!

The Beta Alaline (which is a naturally occurring beta amino acid) in Jack3d can make you tingle or itchy. It can be extremely irritating to some people, and other may not notice it at all.

Also, I found that I did build a bit of an immunity to this stuff so take breaks. I went off for a month, and I start back on again tomorrow...sooo siked! (That's what inspired me to write this post!)

The only thing is, it's crazy expensive in Canada in comparison to the States. In stores in Vancouver I have seen the price fluxuate from $50.00 - $75.00 whereas in Florida I got my tubs for just $21.95 each. I'll let you guys in on another secret. It's called Although it's an american site, the prices are unbeatable (If you know a better one, let me know!! -- especially for Canada). I find the best way to order supplements is to have a couple friends order with you online that way you can split the shipping, and get the deals. It's always cheaper when you buy more!

In fact I get my mamabear to mail it to me (thanks mamabear!)  My family's nickname for me is' 'Stefinition' if you haven't read my other blog entries yet, this became my nickname once "The Situation" became famous. I guess my family wanted to make fun of me for constantly showing my abs to the world, and staring at myself in the mirror. Whatever.

Anyway guys, this is my first post on supplements. I take other stuff too so I will fill you in on those later on. One thing at a time, and this stuff is my favorite so go out, grab some, hit the gym, bang it out, and let me know what you think!

Here is a poll from my favorite website, where people have compared Jack3d to one of the most popular/well known pre-workout supplements 'NO-Xplode'. So all you die hard NO fans, try this stuff out!!

Jack3d vs NO-Xplode - Forums


Also there is a comparison on the Jack3d site itself -- maybe a bit bias?! -- but worth checking out.

Oh ya, I got a new hair color. Went back to my natural color for the winter. You guys like? For my stylists info e-mail me Here!
Before. Eww roots!
My Stylist Ashley in Action!
Gettin' Foiled with Blonding Pro Ashley!
Under the dryer checking e-mails!
After my deep condition, and color, time to style.
I couldn't eat this day (photo shoot) so Adam stopped by to bring me a gingerbread man to taunt me! Asshole! 

After! Mwah! Thanks Ash!
Another angle:)
The girls at the salon said the color brings out my eyes:) 

Later that night - me blogging!
Here's another angle! I love myself!

Stefinition Gym Beats
So this is the 2nd week that I'm including this section on my blog (every Monday) to help motivate you guys in the gym, and help you get that 'Stefinion'  you're shedding and shredding for. 

This weeks list is made by YOU, the readers. After last Monday's post, I got a lot of feedback from you guys, so here it is, a mix up of my beloved readers favorite gym beats. I couldn't add them ALL to this weeks list, but if yours is posted then you've made it to my top favorites. Realize this music is coming from all over the world. I love you guys for contributing because I can't wait to add them to my playlist for the week. YOU MOTIVATE ME!!!

This time around I made each song into a link so that you can sample them before you download em! I know, I do what I can to make your fitness you guys better be banging it out hardcore for me!

Keep your playlist fresh and sexual. I've read that working out with music can help you to go up to 20 percent longer to burn more calories.

Dec.6.2010 Top Ten Playlist Songs for my Gym Rats
**The ones I have highlighted in red are songs that never leave me playlist. They are permanent workout songs because for one reason or another they just do it for me.**

1) Beyonce - Freakum Dress
2) Cosmic Gate - Not enough time LOVE THIS ONE!
3) Kanye West - What it do
4) Kanye West feat Jay Z & Swizz Beatz - Power (Remix)
5) Kanye West feat Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj - Monster
6) Sharam feat Kid Cudi - She Came Along (Vandalism Mix) LOVE THIS ONE!
7) Estelle - I can freak LOVE THIS ONE!
8) Deadmau5 - Moar ghosts n' stuff
9) Deadmau5 - Strobe
10) Tinie Tempah - Miami to Ibiza
11) Kanye West - Hell of a Life
12) Tinchy Stryder feat Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Chipmunk & Devlin - Game Over
13) Professor Green - Jungle LOVE THIS ONE!
14) Professor Green - Monster
15) Professor Green - Just be good to green LOVE THIS ONE!

Hope you guys can pick and choose what you like and add it to your playlists this week. Have a good workout! See you in the Gym!


  1. The new formulated NO Explode is unreal, its newly modified and has less anxiety effects compared to the old formula. No effects after the gym, maintians a strong focus, intensity and endurance during your work outs like no other.
    30 sticks at 87 dollars after tax is a little pricey, thou its recommended to take only half a stix when beginning with it. Not for beginners, 1 stick is equilivent to 3 scoops of the orginal NO explode, With higher grade caffine and beta alaline. Def worth trying for frequent, hardcore gym enthusiasts.
    As mentioned above you will build up a tolence to it, use for 3- 4 weeks then bridge with ephedrine or another compound is recommended to maximize the benifit.

  2. But can it also work for Shrews?

  3. gym dork. noxplode sucks. it tastes like shit, its expensive and jack3d is just better. take jack3d, stop researching shit that doesnt need to be researched and get a life. ps- my pre workout drink could beat up your preworkout drink

  4. Thanks reader - I have heard the NEW NO-Xplode is great stuff. The old one deterred me from trying the new one. But I keep hearing great reviews. I will def try it out.

    Yes Manny, it works for Shrews. Big and small.

    Now to Addressing that last 'Anonymous' comment...! I love your opinion. And yep Jack3d is better in my opinion too. Everything I blog about is from MY personal experience, not MY personal research. Just wanted to throw a couple facts out there for the people who have never heard of it before, also to show the poll for all the die hard NO-Xplode fans to try out Jack3d. Keep doing your thing, and I'd love to try your pre-workout drink! But isn't it Jack3d? lol

  5. Loving the new hair color and I love the play list!

  6. We REALLY need to sit down and talk about this whole music thing!

  7. If you like the monster song you will love this vid. Have it on my site and watch it often.

  8. Awesome YWS!!! I love it, thank you!

  9. This is the one problem with gym freaks. They get all excited about the product and what it does that they stay ignorant to the health hazards.

    If you suffer from anxiety and you take this product, it is definitely putting you at risk for heart problems when you get older.

    How often do you ask if your clients are on blood thinners? Have anxiety? Are on birth control? Have frequent headaches?

    I'm an MD with 17 1/2 years of experience and have no problems with supplements but I do have a problem with "Trainers" telling others what to take without understanding the downsides. This has contributed to so many people visiting my ER and leaving in absolute shock. I'm happy to say I have never lost someone before but my peers have.

    Be smart. Don't take things at face value and listen to your favourite GNC sales person, they are not qualified enough to know better.

  10. Great post Steph Costas, I tried this for the first time the other day and was careful with my dosages like you suggest.. I felt more energetic and effective in the gym than usual, although I wouldn't use this every time, it was great to try something new.

    lol Sean Cassidy, who are you calling gym freaks??? I can tell you haven't read any other posts on this blog, at no point did she even try to ignore the side effects of the product. Of course like anything there can be side effects, she never said this was the perfect supplement ever created with no risk...there are side effects from eating too many carrots, should we not eat vegetables also? Your the MD! This blog is about her personal experience's in the gym and what she does, she never claimed to be a personal trainer so I don't where your getting that from.
    What your advising is all good information, your right, some people will take things at face value without considering the consequences, but don't slander a blog from a person who is doing good for others and inspiring people to get off their butts and try something different.

  11. This website is a '.BLOGSPOT', not a '.ORG', or '.EDU'. These are my experiences and that's what I share on this blog.

  12. Steph, this is a badass site and I will be a frequent visitor goin' forward. I have a question wrt Glutamine. A buddy of mine suggested takin' one scoop of glutamine (5g) 30 mins prior to hittin' the weights, and another scoop right after the workout mixed into my protein shake. Is that how you take glutamine?

    Btw, I like this playlist, in case you don't have these tunes already, add them to your beast list:

    Wiz Khalifa ft. Game & Snoop - Purp & Yellow
    Black eyed peas - Light up the night
    Dr. Dre ft. Snoop & Akon - Kush (remix)

  13. Hey Jesse!
    A lot of people take the very popular amino acid - L-Glutamine and I DEFINITELY recommend it for anyone who is training. It's so essential, and your question is a really good one. I am sure a lot of people don't know the best time to take their supplements - and timing DOES make a difference.
    I take Glutamine as soon as I wake up, and then again before I got to sleep. Also keep in mind that taking Glutamine about 30 minutes after training helps your body recover from your workout. If you are taking Creatine you shouldn't take it back to back with your Glutamine because they can compete with one another for absorption (they use the same transport method for absorption - sodium). So if you are taking Creatine, the best time to take that is (30 mins) before you work out, and then as soon as you are finished working out. Then keep your Glutamine for when you wake up and when you go to sleep (you want to take it twice a day). I don't take Creatine, so sometimes I'll sneak my Glutamine in after my training. It's up to you!
    Happy training!

  14. just came across this blog, nice, clear and precise, straight to the point, great =D

    what i do want ot know is that do you have any info on people who take jack3d that also have ADHD, i only ask this because i have ADHD, i went to my doctor today only because of the meds i am on for my ADHD and he said he didn't know anything about it and was a bit unsure about me taking it i have done extensive research on this product, yes i have see a lot of rave reviews and yes i have seen some accounts of how it's messed up peoples lives but everyone is different and will react differently to certin things, if i do take it i won't be on my medication when i do take it, but i would still like to know if you know anything about people with ADHD who take jack3d as i have looked on my forums and it's hardly asked or covered at all which is a buzzkill - note i am not using this as an alternative medication for my ADHD as i have meds for it, i only want to use it to get more from my workouts, if i do decide to take it, it will obviously be the 1 scoop and follow the guidelines throughly and then i will take it when i feel like using it. I am also from the UK, specifically England so things might be a little different in the states

    thanks for taking the time to read this, much appreciated

  15. This is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme for Jack3d. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.