Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Strictly Superficial

What is 'Real on the Inside'? Real on the Inside is the best way to describe me. 
My passion is physical self improvement. I don't think there should be boundaries to how far you go to make yourself feel better about how you look. NOT to be confused with how far you should go to look good for other people or in a way that compromises your health. Because we don't do that here.

What's funny is that you will notice that however happy you are with your appearance, other people will be just as satisfied! If they aren't, they are not important. They shouldn't be wasting their time judging you anyway, they should be busy trying to better their appearance.
Thats why here at 'Real on the Inside', we want to unite the women that have this same passion, and share ideas with each other to help each other out.

I would say I'm no expert, but in fact, I am. I have traveled around the world learning about Beauty. I have worked as a makeup artist and a model all around Europe, Canada, and the United States. Now I am settling into life in one place (for the time being) and focusing on sharing my knowledge with my clients and all of you here.

So who the hell am I? ....
I am 23. I am in wicked shape, have long blonde hair, tall, tanned, with fake boobs. Typical? Awesome, thank you. I lived in South Florida (the most superficial place on earth), Winnipeg, Manitoba (the most boring place on earth), Limassol, Cyprus (my place of birth - coincidentally also Aphrodite's; the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality.) We are probably related.

Looking good is the most important thing to me. It makes me feel good, it makes my life better. Am I beautiful to everyone? Nope! Do I love looking at myself in the mirror? Yep.
Let me tell you why looking good is the most important thing to me for the superficial reasons, and don't stop reading there. I will tell you why it makes the world a better place too. 
I will also tell you how I use my super powers for a good cause (check out the BEAUTY NIGHTS SOCIETY to see what I am talking about!) and how I do my part in helping others change their lives with one simple thing....looking your own personal best, and FEELING it too.

A Few Basic Rules I live by:

 *Be Confident.
Confidence is everything. It really is everything. Like, without it...you are nothing. You may as well wear a shirt around that says "I hate myself" on it, because the universe will vibe off how you really feel about yourself whether you like it or not. I will save the confidence speech for an upcoming blog. Stay tuned

 *Be Conceited.
The world needs more conceited people. Ask any guy, and they will tell you that the most unattractive thing a female can do is rant about how much she hates how she looks, how fat she is, how bad her acne is, or how her hairs too thick or thin or whatever. Shut up and focus on your positive physical attributes, and work your ass off to fix up what you don't really like about yourself. FIX IT. Don't dwell on it -- or else you are just lazy and are settling for being ugly in your own eyes. And don't bother reading my blog anymore, because we don't like people like you, because people like you sit around and call people like us superficial and 'fake'. Well I am fake. On the outside. And I love it. Natural beauty can come from within but in my world, on the outside, you are going to get all the makeup, hair extensions, plastic surgery, perfectly manicured fingers and toes, and a complete hair free package. (And trust me - I am half Greek, that's definitely one thing I have to stay on top of.) 

 *Be Yourself
Yes be artificial and superficial and what ever 'ficial' you want on the outside. But being real about the whole thing is the whole point. You don't see me here defending myself saying "I'm not fake, these are real I swear, don't judge me!" I am fake ON THE OUTSIDE, and if that's all you choose to see then it's your problem. The name of this blog is REAL ON THE INSIDE for a reason:) 

Inner beauty is just as important, but that's not really what this is all about. And please don't use the excuse 'Well I am a good person on the inside and that's all that matters...' ....throw a little mascara on and hit the gym, I promise you that YOU will love life more, and YOU will attract better things your way. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE YOU CAN LOOK BETTER- including myself, and that is my journey. I hope that you can join me on it, you will learn a lot, and hopefully you can teach me a thing or two! Knowledge is power, and we sexy women can use all the beauty knowledge we can get, because beauty education is endless, and this industry is forever evolving! It's a beautiful thing isn't it? :) 

In this blog, you will find:
- Video blogging of beauty tutorials by me, and my expert friends in the Beauty Industry (I have lots of them!)
- Video blogging about different events I attend or activities I get up to in order to spread my beauty spell on the world.
- Advice on how to look the best you can look
- Articles and research that can help educate you on improving your appearance and the latest cosmetic procedures and services available! (So much fun!)
- An open invitation to ask me any questions at all about beauty in general, your personal appearance, cosmetic recommendations, and my personal experiences. Anything I can help you with, I will! That is why I started this whole thing! I guarantee you my straight up, blunt, REAL opinions and advice in anything you inquire about.

I want all the feedback you guys can give me! I want all the positive feedback, and all the negative feedback! Leave comments saying however you feel. I want all opinions, I want you to tell me how I am conceited and need to get over myself, I also want you to tell me how I have motivated you in any way, and how much you loved my blog entries! Or just say Hi! I want it all! Bring it! :)

**For all my Greek women following, I will soon have a Greek translation on here for you. I promise**


  1. Finally. A real blog on beauty I can appreciate and learn from. I especially like the parts on confidence, so important. You are truly an inspiration. I look forward to reading more!

  2. Good Job Steph, I thought that it was very well written and made a lot of sense. I enjoyed reading it. I also look forward to reading more :). I'm privileged to have such a outspoken friend.

  3. I think the important thing to remember here is that it's important to be yourself! First and foremost...just like Steph said. Being "myself" to me means always trying to improve, and it should mean the same for you. It's what separated the monkeys from the caveman who made the wheel, and it's what separates the "winners" from "losers" in today’s society. I’m sure this idea has been tried before, but I know nobody has or will keep it as “real” as Steph. Hope this helps a ton of ladies look their best and feel great about themselves, because everyone woman deserves that power. Rock on Steph, you know you have a ton of people supporting you :)
    With that said… where is the male version of this!!!

  4. Steph, this epitomizes why every girl needs a friend like you. Oftentimes, people will try and encourage you to downplay your looks, or to make you less empowered as a women. As a 5'10 blonde in pink heels studying biomolecular science, I always had to justify why I cared about looking good to my peers. Thank you for this post, and reminding me that there is nothing wrong with being a little fake on the outside.

  5. woow steph...a really good and important blog....for sure many people will have it like gospel...i like when u say that its important to be yourself...very true...and the part of confidence...for sure every girl that read your blog will love you now :) female population need u... keep going ... good job steph :)

  6. very inspirational work stephanie... a nice catch up frase: "It is important TO BE yourself - Stephanie Costas Ataliotis". keep up the good work stephanie :)