Saturday, November 27, 2010

Grade 1 Eyeshadow Class.

I think MAKEUP should be a scheduled class in all girls schools. I went to all girls school for 13 years, and trust me, not only could the students use some help, but the teachers too. Hello purple eyeshadow and red lipstick! Goodbye concentration and focus in French class! (Sorry Madam, but while we are here, you wore way too much perfume too. I still dodge the Elizabeth Arden counter at Sears praising the good lord that I don't ever have to unwillingly smell the scent of 'Red Door' ever again.) Okay, so A.D.D aside................

Let's learn the Color Wheel!
I will tell you why this is important in makeup.
Everyone is different, and has different undertones/coloring.
Let me show you how to use the color wheel to find your perfect shade of eyeshadow.
It's super easy. You want to choose colors that will compliment what your mama gave you. On the color wheel we know that complimentary colors are opposite from each other, yes? Yes. I know. I should have worked for NASA.

The color wheel can work for all color choices as far as makeup. Eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick etc. But this entry is going to be specifically about EYES:

Your eyes are usually one of these 3 colors. Green, Blue, or Brown. Unless you are an alien. If so, I love you and can't wait to meet you come 2012. Once again, NASA.

Blue eyes - You want to stick with colors in the orange family. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to use orange. Just stick to the family. Golds, coppers, and bronzes are an awesome choice for you. 

Green eyes (that's me!) - We want to rock colors close to red. Yes, I know, red and green is totally Christmas time, so let's stay away from that directly. Pinks, lilac, and playing with different shades of red (not necessarily firetruck red) can work for you without making you look like Santa's little helper. Keep in mind, if you have naturally bloodshot eyes, stay away from these colors all together. It will only bring it out more of the red your eyes. (See pro beauty tip below)

Brown eyes - You bitches are the luckiest. You can explore lots of different colors especially if your eyes are dark brown. But generally speaking your complimentary colors are blues and greens.

** PRO BEAUTY TIP! - If you happen to have a yellow tint to your Sclera (the white of your eye), one of my favorite little beauty secrets is BLUE eyeliner. Apply blue eyeliner to your lower water line. Sound crazy? Yep, well it works. It counteracts the yellow in the white of your eye. We use this trick on photo shoots all the time!
I USE: Styli Style Flat Eye Pencil in Madrid. It's a flat pencil which makes it easy to get in the waterline, the color ACTUALLY stays in the waterline, and it's pretty damn inexpensive for such an awesome product. You can get it on Or if you are in the USA, you can pick it up at any CVS. 

Eyeshadow Faux Pas - Matching your eyeshadow with your outfit. You can do this, but matching your makeup with your outfit doesn't mean it should be the SAME COLOR. Don't do it. Please don't. That's so old school. And so weird. Some people live by that, but I think it just seems like you chose a color theme to your day. I'm pretty sure these people prefer to wear the same color outfit as their car, then their shoes end up matching, then nails, then makeup, and hair accessories. Or maybe not. Anyway, the point is, that just because a color compliments your body, doesn't mean it will compliment your face too. 

Remember that trying all different kinds of colors can work for you, but if you are looking to brighten up and bring out the natural color of your eyes, then the complimentary colors are the ones you want to go for. This seems like kindergarten all over again, but the truth of the matter is, the majority of makeup lessons I have taught, women's number one question is what colors to use, and which shades to choose to suit them. 

As far as specific brands of eye shadows etc, I could go on forever. My favorite brand for great pigmented shadows is MAC (So typical, I know). But I've got to hand it to them, they make a good pressed shadow. Their foundations on the other hand.....not so sexual.

Try it out, let me know how it goes. If you hate it, then maybe you need to wait for me to make a video tutorial to help you with your application. Or you just hate it. Send me a picture so I can hate it too.

So that's that. Just some basic knowledge on complimenting your eye color. Stay VGL people. Time for some cheerios.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Stephanie. Excellent tips and easy to understand. Love your stuff!