Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bi's and Tri's if you know what I'm sayin'

I am posting my Arm work out that I did today. I did both my bi's and tri's. Below is a chart of what I was banging out in the Testosterone Zone today. It's from my own personal log of my workouts that I keep so that I can see my progress, and monitor what I am lifting weekly. Just thought I'd post it up here so you can see what I do. I mix up my workouts so they are different all the time. Depending on how much time I have in the gym, and what kind of mood I am in!
Here you go, for beginners in the gym, this might be kind of hard to understand. So I will post something easier to follow soon (and video blogs aka vlogs eventually). But for now, here you go gym rats. This is what I bang out to stay toned and get shreddyyy. I was kind of weak today. Still getting back into the flow of things since I was out of the gym for 5 days with a bad cold.

I also started up with 20 minutes on the Elliptical, and 5 minutes of jump rope.(For Shedding purposes of course)
I neglected my abs today. Gotta take a day off here and there to give them a rest.

Here are some notes

  • So I usually do 3 exercises for each muscle group, my biceps, and my triceps. But today I threw in an extra tricep workout because it just feels so good ;)
  • I do sets of 4 for all exercises unless I am just trying a new workout, or testing something out.
  • I stick to reps between 8 to 12. If you are looking to tone, keep your reps high and your weight light.
  • If you are looking to build, and put on size, keep your reps low and your weight at your heaviest lifting capability. 
  • "Super-setting" means not resting in between sets. So it's doing 2 exercises back to back without a rest. You really feel the burn and it helps rip up yo muscles.

Hope you guys learned something! I want to know what you're lifting. E-mail or comment!

I am going to leave you guys with a little video I think is hilarious! Enjoy! :)

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