Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beauty Night Society

I just got home, finally in my comfies, after a long day in the cold Vancouver weather! I have to get used to this, after being in Florida for so long, I forgot what snow feels like on my face. FML.

Where was I this evening you ask? Or you don't. Either way I'ma tell you. I volunteer for this organization called "Beauty Night Society". To me it is one of the most wonderful organizations every created on this earth. It brings happiness, and beauty to women who have lived through struggles of all sorts. From working the streets of the Vancouver downtown east side as prostitutes, to heavy drug addictions, and lives filled with abuse and neglect of all kinds, these women all come together on Monday and Wednesday nights to share one thing we ALL have in common - our love for beauty and commitment to self love and bettering ourselves through fitness, facials, makeup, nails, and hair! It's a rough life for these strong ladies, and for them to come in and get pampered builds their self esteem, and confidence. Getting a chance to visit these lovely ladies weekly to discuss their trials and tribulations over a manicure, facial, haircut, or makeover of any kind, is definitely a highlight of my week!

Today I got the pleasure of manicuring one of the most inspirational women I have met. Her name is Grace, and she is beautiful. Grace and I spoke about her overcoming drug addiction, and picking up the pieces in her life after struggling on the streets of Vancouver's Downtown east side. Grace told me all about how she uses what she has been through in her life to go back and inspire other women in the same position that she was in years ago. She adopts younger women working the streets of the downtown east side, and calls them her 'Street Daughters'. Grace mentioned at one point she had a home where all her "Street Children" would come and stay with her, making it her responsibility that they were fed, and attended school, as an effort to lead their lives in a better direction. Grace's passion for life and self improvement was so inspiring to me. As we sat and I filed and painted her nails, we bonded over how helping others is the most rewarding part of life. Grace's inner beauty really shone through her bright smile, and contagious laugh. As we chose a dark purple color for Grace's nails, she told me how she works as a dishwasher, and also works recycling hotel soap for World Vision. This was something I had never heard of. She went into great detail explaining the process of collecting the soap and how the recycling process goes. The soap recycling process, along with dish washing takes a toll on her hands, she explained. But one thing Grace doesn't neglect, is her weekly manicure at Beauty Nights. No matter how chipped up her nails got during the week, she still insisted on having her dark purple polish on! It may just be a manicure, but tonight it was a great bonding experience, and proof once again that a little beauty goes a long way in this rough life, and having that extra sparkle can help motivate women to continue their journeys of self love and a life of happiness and triumph!

To learn more about Beauty Nights, or if you'd like to volunteer or donate, check out the website at
A photo of Grace and I showing off her manicure

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